Would you like to launch some fireworks?

Hey everyone!

If you want to be able to launch some shells with the Skyrockers, your chance is coming quick!  Over the month of December, we will be firing our nightly salutes at 6:00pm on Granddad Bluff.  You can fire some some too!  A $25 donation per shell fired helps us continue to be the longest standing community-funded pyrotechnics display in the United  States, and is a great way to celebrate the season, a special occasion, or simply have some fun.

To schedule a night to participate, send us an e-mail at showdirector@skyrockers.org and tell us what date you would like to schedule.  Feel free to check the calendar, as we will update it as people sign up!  A good thing to note is we can fit 3 to 4 groups per night as well (depending on the size of the groups).

If you have any additional questions, or are a member of the press that would like to visit with us, just drop us a line at prdirector@skyrockers.org.  Thanks!