The Original Ten

The Original 10 are the founders of the Grandad Sky Rockers. Prior to naming themselves and formalizing the tradition of a New Year’s Eve fireworks display from Grandad’s Bluff, they were informally known as the “Fireworks Committee”. This group participated in the lighting of a New Year’s Eve bonfire and shooting smaller numbers and types of fireworks from the Bluff, as well as organizing smaller displays on the 4th of July:

Bill Bonadurer, Sr.
Al Braunec
F. H. Burgess
A. O. Colby
Glynn Cremer
Edward Erickson
J. E. Higbee
C. R. Pieper
F. W. Pitman
M. Rosenstein

The Skyrockers are seeking additional biographical information about the Original 10 as well as further history of the Skyrockers.